Ken is originally from San Jose, CA. He began painting and ceramics as a young child in his grandfather’s barn. Grandma Esther Thrift is a bay area ceramics guru with over 50 years of experience. Ken watched very carefully.

Moving from state to state most of his adolescence, his mother settled in Illinois. Ken attended Mundelein High school and received various awards during his attendance.

After graduation, he moved north to attend the University or Wisconsin – Whitewater, where he studies art to eventually fall in love with watercolor. Through professors Arntson & Blumberg, Ken became proficient in this medium quickly, graduating with a BA in art with abstract watercolor as an emphasis.

Since then he has moved to Madison, WI and continued to progress, moving towards becoming one of the most prolific and sought after contemporary artists of the new millennium.

Ken offers one of a kind original abstract watercolors. These pieces are for sale at this time. Check the gallery page for photos and prices.